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2014 Studio Tour and Sale

Valhall Arts was pleased to sponsor three artists on the tour: Laura Cofrin * Loretta Cummings * Jennifer Davey

Quiet: paintings by Jennifer Davey

Spring 2013

Large abstract paintings created over the last year that point to a direction of quiet solitude,



“The Clouds were there for Everyone.” Alfred Steiglitz

Photography Installation by Laura Brent

Fall/Winter 2012

Blurry Pictures and other Works

Pinhole Photographs by Laura Brent

Winter 2011/12

(image credit: Ancient Adobe, L.Brent)

The Fine Art of Letterpress Printing

by Shelby Montross with Meadowlark Creative

September/October 2011

Printing on a 1951 10x15 Chandler & Price (one of the last ever made) and a Vandercook 317 letterpress, Meadowlark Creative meticulously designs and hand presses custom prints, business cards, stationary, invitations, and announcements that are as unique and memorable as the message you wish to communicate.

The Artist is Not Present

Summer 2011

Installation by Laura Brent

(installation detail)

The artist has...

  1. A.escaped down the rabbit hole.

  2. B.left the building.

  3. C.gone buffalo hunting.

D. _______________.

Contemporary Explorations of Vintage Photography

Feb/March 2011

Featuring Cathy Becker, Laura Brent, Griffin Marsh and Rae Stimson

Featuring Cathy Becker, Laura Brent, Griffin Marsh and Rae Stimson. 

Becker and Marsh, the Wyoming contingent, (both are from Casper) have produced fine hand crafted works of art using various traditional printing techniques. The mastery of these difficult methods and the skill and detail is evident in the photographs.  Stimson, an artist from Boulder,  has produced small hand colored treasures, with deep narratives, and mysterious, almost eerie elements.  Brent, the director of Valhall Arts and curator of the exhibit, rounds out the exhibit with a unique look into classical techniques using pinhole cameras and other camera-less methods.

(image credits: L.Brent, C.Becker)

Religions Around the World’

Young Curators Program

T.R. Paul Academy of Arts and Knowledge

Dec ’10/Jan ‘11

With help from Front Range Community College's Museum/Gallery Studies, 

Ms. Mockerman's 4th grade class at TPAAK worked hard at becoming young curators.

The Young Curators Group met with students, faculty and community artists that are part of the the Museum/Gallery Studies collaborative at Front Range Community College. They visited and attended field trips to learn and engage in the process of  a museum curator’s job.  They learned the entire process of making, curating, and exhibiting art.  The project will continue with a planned exhibit at ArtLab in Spring 2011.

(image credits: Hindu Color Splash, 4th grade students)

Moving Pictures

A Video Installation by Laura Brent

November 2010

See the two videos featured in the installation on YouTube here or here.

(image credit: video still, L.Brent)

Through Our Eyes:  An Exhibit of Maasai Photographers

June 4 to August 13, 2010

The project by Colorado State University’s “Center for Collaborative Conservation”, and Joana Roque de Pinho, phD graduate in Ecology at CSU.  You can meet the photographers and hear more of their stories by visiting this website;  CSU Library.

At the end of the project, the photographers organized themselves into an organization, “The Maasai Photographers for Conservation”, and continue to take pictures and document cultural ceremonies of their people.

Nagma Mohammed Omer

March 5 to May 1, 2010

Nagma Mohammed Omer, a Middle Eastern artist, creates beautiful oil paintings, unveiled figurative works, with bold color, and expressive lines. The paintings offer a unique vision into life in the community of her region.

(image: In the Garden, N.M.Omer)


November 2008

A juried exhibit exploring the ideas of opposites, battles and balances, and the inherent human dichotomies present in our lives.  Featuring  Camden Yehle, Dominic Muttel  and George Bator.

(image: D.Muttel)

“Shadow and Light”

Sept/Oct 2008

A collection of black and white photographs by Laura Brent.

(image: Horsetooth birds, L.Brent)

“For Sale”

June/July/August 2008

A collection of photographs by Laura Brent, explores the unique American phenomenum of selling from one’s own front yard.

(image: Yellow Truck, L.Brent)

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April/May 2008

Photographs by Laura Brent.

A photo essay, focused on irrigation, conservation, and beauty.

    “Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” Albert Szent-Gyorgi, hungarian biochemist and Nobel Prize winner for medicine.

(image: Fountain, L.Brent)

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Inaugural exhibition for Valhall Arts

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